Symbolic Interpretations of the Jewish Menorah

Hanukkah GiftsThe Menorah is one of the most sacred artifacts in Jewish history. This 7-stick candleholder had used to light up the innermost chamber in the Holy Temple of Jerusalem, where only a select few were allowed to enter.

It is a symbol of light that can reach even the darkest of places. Three candles to the left, three candles to the right, and one auxiliary candle in the middle -- this unique design first originated in fiery revelation Moses had accepted on Mount Sinai after escaping an era of slavery in Egypt.

To others it is primarily a symbol of progression and renewal. Seven is the number of days in the weekly cycle, as well as the number of keys in traditional musical scales.

Artistic fascination with numbers is indeed prevalent in the Middle East. While the Hamsa hand represents the number 5, the Menorah takes us all the way up to 7.

Hanukkah GiftsBut in the end, Judaism is much more about practicing the religion than about theorizing its principals. So if you want to get familiar with the concept of the Jewish Menorah, don't read too much about it. Just let it shine.

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